Thursday, January 3, 2008

‘Amazing Race’ Goths Master Makeup Skills

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – One reality TV dark duo couldn’t lighten their lavish load soon enough to race to victory.

Kynt Cothron and Vyxsin Fiala were booted from The Amazing Race this past Sunday (Dec. 30), but despite their passion for high-maintenance fashion, the gothic dating duo says their look – and lifestyle – didn’t slow them down.

Cothron says, “The goth aesthetic worked to our advantage – other teams underestimated us. And it also made people curious, so we never had trouble getting directions or information!”

Although they had to lighten their load along the way by ditching makeup and extra clothing, Fiala insists, “Our makeup was still perfect every day. We got really good at drawing on our eyebrows in airplane bathrooms.”

But Cothron adds, “I hated seeing such good Mac makeup go to waste!”

And despite their globe-trotting coming to an end, Cothron says he’s proud of his gritty goth girlfriend.

He says, “Vyxsin amazed me – the girl is tough! She’s like a pink-haired Lara Croft!”

The Amazing Race airs Sundays on CBS.

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