Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Is A Gas

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Your company Christmas celebration could be a real gas – literally.

Dr. Patricia Raymond is a gastroenterologist who says that traditional treats like broccoli and dip, as well as egg nog, cause loads of gas and could seriously stink up your Christmas party plans.

Dr. Raymond says, “People try to dress nice and not pig out, so they hang out by the veggies, but broccoli and milk-based dips will get you into some pretty significant problems.”

Dr. Raymond suggests sticking to peppers and berries, and taking CharcoCaps, a gas absorbing charcoal tablet before you chow down.

And she has some advice to keep your farting from following you back to the office.

She says, “If you hang out by the turkey or ham, you’ll have less prominent gas, but your gas will be much smellier because of the animal fat. And if you’re gassy, stay away from the boss!”

And while Dr. Raymond knows which foods are offensive and odorous, she still causes some farty party problems of her own.

She says, “I usually bring a kick-butt hummus to parties, but people don’t realize it’s beans. Maybe I’m just drumming up business!”

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