Thursday, December 13, 2007

Give Spot Some Swagger This Holiday Season

SAN DIEGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Now that gift-buying season is in full swing, it’s important not to forget our fancy four- legged friends.

Carl Gustafson is the co-owner of Tag for Dogs and Cats, a high-end pet boutique in San Diego, California, and he says proud pet owners are throwing their dogs a blinged-out bone this season.

Gustafson is stocking some trendy treats, including glitter- covered bones, Hawaiian hoodie dog sweaters, divalicious dog tags, and even a Swarovski crystal tiara that you’ll have to bark up $75 for. But there’s a plus side to pimpin’ your pet.

Gustafson says, “If you take a dog that used to be a shaggy ragamuffin and give them a nice leash and collar, it gets them attention and helps socialize them. It weirdly translates into nicer dogs.”

And even traditionally terrifying pooches – and their hip owners – can get in on the hot holiday wear.

Gustafson says, “A lot of our metrosexual customers don’t want to queen up their dog, so they’ll go with something a little masculine. A simple pink leather collar can humanize a Pitbull and make him friendly.”

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