Thursday, November 29, 2007

Professional Prankster Petrified Of Getting His Dues

BOSTON (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – For one professional prankster, there’s nothing worse than waiting for payback.

Sir John Hargrave has written a book called Prank The Monkey: The ZUG Book Of Pranks (Citadel), in which he describes how he’s pulled pranks on celebs like Oprah, Bono, Michael Jackson, and Sting.

But the trickster is nervous that payback for his pranks is right around the corner.

The hoax Hargrave is most worried about is one that shows that stars don’t have the bleeding hearts they pretend to.

He explains, “I pretended to be a dying 12-year-old girl who wanted nothing more than a signed autograph before she died, and the only person who responded to me was Charles Manson. He even sent me two hand-carved keepsake boxes!”

And although the prince of pranks regrets nothing, he’s always looking over his shoulder.

Says Hargrave: “I live in constant fear! Whenever I talk to someone new, I think it’s part of an elaborate plan to prank me.”

Prank The Monkey is on shelves now.

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