Monday, November 19, 2007

‘Desperate Housewives’ Get Some Expert Tornado Tips

ATLANTA (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The Desperate Housewives of Wisteria Lane may be in for some wild weather, and some meteorology masters have a few tips on how they can avoid being swept away.

On this Sunday’s (Nov. 25) upcoming episode of Desperate Housewives, a major storm which will possibly include tornados is set to blow into Wisteria Lane, and rumor has it, the terrible twister will leave two characters dead.

But before the housewives get too desperate, severe weather experts at The Weather Channel have some tips to help prepare them for the storm.

For example, it’s important for the families on Desperate Housewives to have a plan, and experts suggest Carlos and Gabrielle [Eva Longoria] should plan where they’ll meet if they’re separated during the storm.

The luscious ladies should also prepare a disaster kit ahead of time, with Bree [Marcia Cross] packing plenty of extra baby bottles for Ben, because having supplies on hand is extremely important.

They should also remain calm so they can think clearly, especially Susan [Teri Hatcher], who’s known for her jumpy, klutzy demeanor.

The beauties should be on the lookout for warning signs of a tornado, which could include a dark sky with low-hanging clouds that are beginning to rotate.

Finally, instead of spending their time gossiping, the ladies of Wisteria Lane should check their local weather conditions by visiting

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