Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Terror Strikes Turkeys On Thanksgiving

HIGHLAND PARK, Ill. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – With Thanksgiving just around the corner, thousands of turkeys are finally speaking out about their impending deaths.

That’s the gobble gab from animal communicator Dr. Kim Ogden, who telepathically speaks to turkeys who are about to get the chop, and the real life Doctor Doolittle says that the feathery friends are stricken with fear.

Dr. Kim says, “When they see their brothers and sisters being bludgeoned to death, they see what’s about to happen to them, and they’re terrified.”

Dr. Kim also says leaving turkeys in the dark about their deaths further freaks them out.

She says, “Nobody has told them why they’re being killed. When I’ve spoken to them, they can’t understand the cruelty of people.”

Although the turkey talker doesn’t expect people to change their eating habits this Thanksgiving (Nov. 22), she says trying an animal-friendly feast using Tofurky, which is a tofu- based meat alternative, may surprise a few.

She says, “It tastes delicious, and not one animal was slaughtered.”

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