Friday, October 12, 2007

Musician Lets The Advertisement Do The Talking

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – One up and coming musician in New York is getting people talking – literally.

Mitch Davis, who records as Orba Squara, is the artist whose song “Perfect Timing (This Morning)” is the upbeat jingle used in the catchy Apple iPhone commercials, and Davis says it all started with the big-wig founder of Apple bopping to his tune.

He says, “They told me Steve Jobs is normally a hard sell, but he immediately loved the song. It was great to hear.”

And while his tune helps the fantastic phones fly off the shelves, Davis is certainly not selling out.

He says, “I didn’t sit down and say, ‘This would be great for a commercial.’ I wouldn’t want to license a song to anyone using the music as a message – I was lucky enough to put my music out there and have it fall into the right hands.”

But even with the phone promo all over the airwaves, when it came to getting the gadget, Davis received no special Apple access.

He jokes, “I waited in line to buy one like everyone else. They should’ve given me one – that’s the thing I should’ve negotiated for.”

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