Friday, October 5, 2007

Senior Citizen Prankster Gives Tips On Senior Pranks

OJAI, Calif. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – After 50 years of silence, one old-school trickster is dishing the dirt and fessing up to his past prankster plot.

When Charles Monsalve was a senior at Palo Alto High School 50 years ago, he and nine of his friends dumped hundreds of empty beer cans into their high school pool as a senior prank, and Monslave got away with it unscathed until this past Tuesday (Oct.2), when the prankster admitted his crafty can crime.

The mature menace believes the reason most high school seniors get caught during pranks is because they don’t keep their mouths shut or properly plan out their mischief, and he looks back on his pro prank as an effective model.

Monslave says, “We swore a vow of secrecy, and didn’t brag about it to friends. We meticulously planned everything – even escape signals and routes – for three months. It was like planning a bank robbery!”

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