Friday, September 28, 2007

Actor Weeds Out Life’s Lessons

MARINA DEL REY (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – One acclaimed actor is getting high and hitting the haikus.

Actor Stu Charno, who played a doctor on the medical drama Chicago Hope, recently released High Koo (L.C. Publications), a book of haikus reflecting Charno’s inspirational outlook on everyday life.

And for Charno, who has been smoking medical marijuana to deal with his Multiple Sclerosis for 10 years, writing his wise words came with a smoky surprise.

Charno says, “This book was entirely written while I was very high! I’d wake up and smoke a joint with my morning espresso. I opened up a spigot and thousands of these came pouring out.”

With pot-influenced poems like A Bigger Picture / Lets unseen realities / Come into focus, Charno rolls up righteous recommendations for spiritual satisfaction, but he isn’t letting the smoke cloud his pro-pot position.

Charno says marijuana shouldn’t be an issue, and adds, “It’s a natural growing thing, it should be like tomatoes.”

And while Charno smokes to dull the pain of his debilitating disease, he hopes to have a terrific toking time at his book release party tomorrow (Sept. 29).

Charno says, “I’m celebrating the book and my birthday. I want to have an after-party – we’ll have a joint rolling symposium and laugh at reality!”

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