Thursday, September 20, 2007

Groundhogs Have Nothing On Woolly Bear’s Weather Power

VERMILION, Ohio (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Folks in Vermilion, Ohio, watch stranger sources than groundhogs to get their winter weather forecast.

That’s because they’ve got fuzzy, striped caterpillars known as “woolly bears” that will predict the winter weather at the 35th Annual Woolly Bear Festival on Sunday (Sept. 23).

The cuddly critters have a band of black fur on their backs that report the chill factor with their size. A wide stripe calls for a mild winter wonderland, and a small stripe means it’s time to break out the parka for an extra frosty season.

But despite competition from a more famous forecaster, the groundhog, festival chairperson Pam Cooper says the furry fiend is no match for their beloved wolly bear.

Says Cooper: “The Groundhog only says how much longer winter will last, whereas the woolly predicts the winter before it starts. It’s got more weather forecasting abilities. And the woolly bear would definitely win in a fight.”

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