Thursday, September 13, 2007

Universal Deodorizer Bag Gets The Stink Out

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – An Iowa man has just the tool to get the stink out of your stuff.

It’s called the Universal Deodorizer Bag, and inventor Frank Morosky says his sacks will suck the stench out of anything you put in it, including clothes, sporting equipment, and even that dirty sock stinkin’ up your room.

The bags are made out of a special activated charcoal cloth that is also used by militaries as a filter against nerve gas during chemical warfare.

But the older the odor, the harder it fights to stay alive.

Says Morosky: “Really smelly odors, especially really old odors, are tough. But the bag still vacuums the odor out. It’ll take longer though.”

So, while Morosky’s odor-absorbing bags leave everything from jockstraps to gym shorts smelling fresh as daisies, it can’t help your body odor problem.

He says, “It’s not an everything odor-absorber. It’s not for human use. It would be hard to do work on the computer while in the bag. It’s not very practical.”

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