Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tomatoes Are A Blinding Threat To Health

SEATTLE, WASH. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A Spanish tomato festival is getting people all sauced up, but too much tomato to the face can be more than an eyesore.

Tomatoes will be flying in Bunol, Spain, as the 61st Annual La Tomatina Festival heaves into town September 29, and more than 40,000 folks will be tossing 110 tons of ripe tomatoes in a no- holds-barred melee of puree.

But according to Dr. Richard Benzinger, spokesperson for the American Academy of Opthamologists (AAO), a hidden danger lies in the round red demon.

He warns, “You can swim in a pool of tomatoes and not be hurt. But if the tomato hits you in the eye, your vision can be seriously compromised, even lost.”

For a safer tomato food fight experience, Dr. Benzinger says goggles are a smart move because they protect the eyes and “keep you from having to wipe crap off your face.”

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