Monday, July 16, 2007

Latino Boy Band Parts Ways With Lou Pearlman

MIAMI (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The pimp of pop groups, Lou Pearlman, is in the slammer facing fraud charges, but his latest boy band wonder doesn’t need the misguided mogul to stay afloat in the music biz.

That’s the note being sung by David “D’Lo” Perez, one of the founding members of a new Latino group called C Note, a boy band originally managed by Pearlman before he became a fraudulent fugitive.

Although Pearlman pointed C Note towards pop music stardom, Perez insists Pearlman isn’t the one who will make or break their boy band careers.

Perez says that the difference between C Note and Pearlman’s other groups, like ’Nsync or The Backstreet Boys, is that C Note’s members all came together without the help of Pearlman’s talent scouting, and are less dependent on the mogul than the 90’s groups were.

So while the arrest of the their former music mogul manager this past June was a shock to the group, the guys aren’t losing sleep over it.

Perez explains, “Lou helped us, but we’re more about making it on our own. Our group grew and stepped away from him before any of his legal stuff went down, which was definitely a good choice!”

C Note’s self-titled debut album hits stores this September.

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