Friday, June 29, 2007

Babes And Burgers Don’t Make “Scents”

CHICAGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Guys, if you want your Independence Day (July 4) to include some hot bedroom action, stay away from the flames.

That’s the hot tip from Dr. Alan Hirsch, a smell expert who says the scent of barbecued meat actually extinguishes your lady’s fire.

Hirsch says, “If you’re a man, and you want your woman aroused, don’t stand around the barbecue.”

So guys, put down the spatula and listen to someone who “nose” the real ways to ignite a sexual spark this Fourth of July.

If you want to smell irresistible, Hirsch suggests filling your Independence Day party with the scent of cucumbers, Good & Plenty candies, and banana nut bread, which will definitely make the ladies want to eat you up.

But there’s no cherry on top of this one – Hirsch says the smell of cherries actually inhibit a woman’s libido.

If you do smell a potential romance blooming, Hirsch’s facts can help you make “scents” of your new fling.

Hirsch says women want their man’s kiss to taste like peppermint, while men prefer their ladies’ lips tasting like alcohol.

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