Monday, June 11, 2007

Presidents Have Fun And Get Naked

FORT WORTH, Texas (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – American presidents dress nicely and act prim and proper, but they also like to have a good time and get naked.

Author Paul Boller just penned a book titled Presidential Diversions (Harcourt), where he explores what U.S. commander- in-chiefs enjoy doing in their off time, including a case of avid presidential skinny-dipping.

Boller says, “Every morning John Quincy Adams would walk over to the Potomac River and take off his clothes to go for a swim.”

But when you can’t swim in the nude, why not plan your own Pay-Per-View fight?

Boller says Theodore Roosevelt celebrated an early inauguration by inviting a prizefighter over to the White House for a late night boxing fest.

But our current prez George W. Bush elects to spend his presidential playtime working on his fitness.

As Boller puts it, “Bush spends two hours everyday on a workout, and he even takes gym equipment with him when he travels by plane.”

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