Tuesday, May 29, 2007

It Takes Thick Skin To Be A Blue Man

ORLANDO, Fla. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – It’s not easy being blue –just ask one of the original founders of The Blue Man Group.

Chris Wink – who is one of the founding members of the theatrical phenomenon – is blue about being a Blue Man due to the lengthy process he endures getting into character for each performance.

Wink says being a Blue Man is much harder than people think and insists that the signature shiny blue latex skin doesn’t just shellac itself on.

In fact, it takes more than an hour to glue the blue latex on just right, but Wink says the ordeal is worth it for the show.

Says Wink: “The blue get-up is part of creating these chaotic, free, crazy characters that become The Blue Man Group. The color is rich, mysterious, and definitely unique. We didn’t want to create guys that looked like wimpy clowns or mimes – we wanted blue bad-asses that are friendly, yet a little scary.”

And while being a Blue Man is more fun than the actual process of becoming one, taking the costume off is no picnic either.

Wink adds, “It’s pretty painful taking off the blue layer. But if you don’t mind peeling off your own skin, it’s not so bad. You gotta have thick skin to be blue.”

The Blue Man Group starts performing at the Universal Orlando Resort in Florida June 6.

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