Thursday, May 17, 2007

Inmates Stand Up, Lockdown For Prison Concert

SAN FRANCISCO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Stepping into a high- security prison is a walk in the park for one musician-turned- activist.

Michael Franti and his politically-charged band, Spearhead, are putting on a show at the San Quentin prison yard this Saturday (May 19), but Franti, who’s already played 12 times in various prisons, isn’t scared to rock with the inmates.

Says Franti: “It always works out fine. There are some people on lockdown 23 hours a day who have never seen a band. They’re just glad to have you there. Once you start playing, everyone becomes one. Even the warden is dancing and clapping.”

And while Franti is known to sing edgy songs and speak his mind during the prison concerts, there was one time when a warden asked the band not to play their song “Oh My God” because it’s about the Prison Guards Union.

Franti obliged that time, but plans on singing the controversial song at his upcoming jail gig because in his words, “It’s part of our set and most people like it so we’ll probably play it.”

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