Tuesday, May 15, 2007

‘Survivors’ Say Not Enough Thirst Or Starvation On TV

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Survivor castoff Yau-Man Chan didn’t win the battle for the cash prize, but he did win the fight over thirst and starvation on the island.

Chan says he suffered a lot on the show from the elements and lack of nutrition, and insists a lot of his anguish was cast away and edited out of the program before he got the boot from the competition this past Sunday (May 13).

As he puts it, “There were really horrible days with no water, fire, or food. It was a lot worse than what you saw on the screen.”

To soothe his hunger, Chan confesses he spent some days licking leaves and hunting for bugs to eat.

He added, “We kept hoping the producers would show up with food, but they never did.”

And Chan isn’t just pulling the pity card, as even Survivor winner Earl Cole can vouch for the island discomfort.

Adds Cole, “During some of the challenges, we were so dehydrated that we couldn’t sweat, and when there was no food in our stomachs, it was even more torture.”

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