Thursday, March 22, 2007

Extra Spices In Food Make You Extra Attractive

MILWAUKEE (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – If you want to look extra hot to the opposite sex, start ordering foods with more spice.

According to a survey by Miller Chill, a new beer brewed with lime and salt, 76 percent of Americans between 21 and 34 say they find a person who eats their food extra spicy is “extra attractive.”

That’s not the only spicy stat gleaned from the survey. Turns out that 32 percent of Americans spice up their conversations with “Spanglish” phrases like “Hasta la vista baby.”

  • 36 percent say Mexican food is their favorite, while 35 percent love Italian and 23 percent have a taste for Asian food.

  • 51 percent prefer tortilla chips to potato chips; the same percentage that prefers salsa more than ketchup.

    Finally, the trend towards spiciness extends towards actresses as well as food because 37 percent of Americans under 34 pick Jessica Alba as the hottest female celebrity, while 22 percent have the hots for Eva Longoria.

    However, only 7 percent get hot and bothered for Nicole Kidman.

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