Thursday, March 8, 2007

Eartha Kitt Channels Inner Evil Into Disney Cartoon

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Eartha Kitt was the sinister Catwoman in the 1960’s Batman series, and nowadays, she’s back to her evil ways.

Kitt plays a flashy, over-the-top villain named “Yzma” in the Disney Channel’s animated series The Emperor’s New School and says she didn’t have to look far to get inspiration for the wicked role.

In fact, Kitt admits her biggest villainous inspiration was herself.

Says Kitt: “Yzma is a loathsome character I know I have inside of me. I’ve always thought I can be just as evil as anyone else and Yzma is the person I really feel like sometimes.”

Although Kitt may feel a bit vile, she insists she “doesn’t exercise it” and is glad she’s able to channel her “inner-evil” into her cartoon character.

While everyone on the cartoon is afraid of Yzma, Kitt says her young granddaughter actually thinks Kitt is “the cat’s meow” for voicing her.

Kitt adds, “My granddaughter and her friends love Yzma. They constantly imitate her and her wickedness!”

The Emperor’s New School airs Saturdays on the Disney Channel.

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