Wednesday, December 27, 2006

‘Menaissance’ Chosen As One Of The Top Politically Incorrect Words Of 2006

SAN DIEGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Politically correct terms generate lots of buzz but, this year, it’s the politically incorrect ones that are being talked about.

That’s why the Global Language Monitor, an association that tracks the popularity and usage of various words, has compiled a list of the year’s most politically incorrect words.

One word that is raising the hackles of politically correct types is “Menaissance,” – which refers to the comeback of manliness after the brief metrosexual trend.

Another so-called offensive term is “Herstory,” which is how feminists take the male element out of “HIStory.”

And, apparently, the term “Flip Chart” is offensive to PC’ers because “Flip” can be a derogatory slang for Filipinos.

Meanwhile, the phrase “black coffee” is being criticized for its racist undertones, leading PC people to ask for “coffee without milk” instead.

Finally, some child care advocates are in a tizzy over the term “Momtini,” which is a play group where the kids play and the moms drink booze.

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