Monday, December 18, 2006

Epileptic Seizures Responsible For Muhammad’s Prophecies

CANTON, Ohio (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A neuropsychologist in Canton, Ohio, has seized upon an interesting theory: The Islamic prophet Muhammad was inspired to start the religion because of his epileptic seizures.

Dr. Abbas Sedeghian, a Muslim-raised psychologist raised in Tehran, Iran, has studied historical accounts of Muhammad’s life and is pretty sure the Islamic leader suffered from “complex partial seizures.”

That’s a condition that is displayed excessive sweating, light trembling, various auditory and visual hallucinations and a hyper-religiosity.

Sedeghian says the condition can cause a person to believe God is speaking to him or her and figures Muhammad was able to start his religion in part because “medications that would stop the hallucinations were not available then.”

Although it’s possible other prophets like Jesus or Buddha also suffered from the same ailment, Sedeghian says there isn’t as much historical data from eyewitnesses on those famous saviors.

Sedeghian is the author of Sword & Seizure (Annotation Books) and he says the book was inspired while he was working in a hospital and wondered why so many stroke victims believe God speaks to them.

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