Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Black Audiences Help Pick Next Hot White Comics

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Popular black comedians like Chris Rock and Richard Pryor worked their way to the top through black comedy clubs, and now some white comics are trying that route.

That’s thanks to a new Showtime series, White Boyz In The Hood, that will feature white comedians trying their best jokes on African-American audiences.

Series producer Anthony Maddox says comedians like Rock and Eddie Murphy benefitted by working the black clubs because, as he puts it, “If you’re not funny, the audience will let you know within eight seconds.”

Although some people might assume that a black audience demands black jokes, Maddox says they prize “honesty” above all.

In his words, “A white guy who comes on with baggy pants going ‘Yo yo’ trying to create a false sense of ‘relate-ability’ isn’t going to cut it.”

For instance, Maddox says Rodney Dangerfield would have “killed” on the new show without changing a word of his act.

White Boyz In The Hood debuts October 5 and Maddox says the comedians who score points with the African-American audience probably have what it takes to have long-term careers.

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