Monday, September 18, 2006

David Krumholtz Is Counting On ‘Numb3rs’

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – David Krumholtz knows he must be a good actor since so many couch potatoes assume he’s good at math.

Krumholtz plays a genius mathematician on the CBS series Numb3rs and says the fact that so many people in real life assume he can actually add things up “is a compliment.”

As he puts it, “If they think that, I really have them fooled. Most actors have barely graduated high school. I did, but I was terrible at math.”

Numb3rs returns for its third season on Friday (Sept. 22) and Krumholtz says the show will now emphasize the brotherly relationship between his character and the one played by Rob Morrow.

He also promises “the emotional storylines will carry as much weight as the crime plots, sometimes more.”

Krumholtz, who has appeared in comedies like The Santa Clause and Ten Things I Hate About You, also hopes the drama will have some more humor than previously.

In his words, “It’s got a lot more comedy, which I’ve wanted because I’m used to that.”

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