Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Did Too Much Sex Raise Floyd Landis’ Testosterone Level?

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Tour de France champion Floyd Landis is under fire for competing with high levels of testosterone but that doesn’t mean the source was synthetic.

Sports medicine expert Dr. Dan Hamner says it’s entirely possible to elevate testosterone levels through sexual intercourse and is surprised Landis didn’t use that excuse when he was first accused of doping.

Hamner admits Landis would have to have a lot of sex over a two or three day period to raise the testosterone level sufficiently, but says it’s certainly plausible.

On the other hand, Hamner says he’s surprised more athletes involved in endurance sports aren’t taking MORE testosterone.

He says events like the Tour de France, marathon running and even NBA basketball decrease the levels of testosterone and that leads to problems like a decreased sex drive, excessive pounding on the body and depression.

In fact, Hamner figures that a guy with an arthritic hip like Landis should argue that it’s medically necessary for him to use steroids in order to keep his testosterone levels at their most optimum.

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