Friday, May 12, 2006

TV Host Is Grossed Out By Frat Boys’ Digs

LAS VEGAS (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The words “chic” and “fraternity house” don’t come up in the same sentence often, but a new online makeover show hopes to change that.

It’s called Greek to Chic, and, true to its title, it helps slobby frat boys clean up their animal houses.

But it’s all greek to host Jonathan Redford, who rushed for a frat his freshman year at University of Southern California but backed out because of other commitments.

He doesn’t regret the decision though. Based on what he learned while filming the series, the self-proclaimed neat freak doesn’t think he would have been able to handle living in such squalor.

For example, Redford says weeks-old food and beer-stained carpets and ceilings were common sights and all of the houses had one thing in common – a token “party couch.”

As Redford puts it, “Every house had a nasty couch that was completely ruined by beer or vomit and it was the focal point of the room.”

He says the couch was usually the first thing to go.

Greek To Chic is the first show on CBS’s Innertube Internet channel and can be seen at

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