Thursday, January 12, 2006

New Zealanders Give The Gift Of Zorbing

AUSTIN, Texas (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A new recreational activity called “Zorbing” is rolling our way from New Zealand.

A Zorb is a clear inflated ball about 11 feet in diameter with a separate inner sphere that allows a person – or “Zorbonaut” – to roll down a hill at a speed of about 25 mph.

Riders can choose to go Hydro-Zorbing – meaning there’s about two gallons of water added to the inner chamber for a slip ‘n’ slide experience – or Harness Zorbing, where you’re strapped in for a complete head over heels experience.

The Zorb is the brainchild of two New Zealanders “with too much time on their hands,” and Austin-based Allen Skinn – who stumbled across the Zorb on a trip to New Zealand – says Americans will soon have the chance to try Zorbing too.

Skinn is now president of Zorb USA, and reveals the first Zorb Park in the U.S. is slated to open mid-May outside Smoky Mountain Park in Tennessee.

He says most people love Zorbing once they try it, adding, “The only people who have issues are people with claustrophobia.”

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