Friday, December 16, 2005

Famed Hoaxer Puts Hex On Attempted Hoax

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The host of a British TV show is learning it doesn’t pay to try and hoax a professional hoaxster.

Earlier this year, Danny Wallace – host of the SkyOne series, Danny Wallace’s Hoax Files – arranged an interview with Joey Skaggs, the man who has organized media pranks such as a cathouse for dogs, a cemetery amusement park and a scientific study suggesting that eating cockroaches makes a person immune to radiation.

But Wallace didn’t just want to interview Skaggs, he wanted to hoax the hoaxster so he had his producer, Ben Sinden, pose as him instead.

However, Skaggs also asked a friend, Norman Savage, to stand in for him, so the entire interview features a fake Wallace interviewing a fake Skaggs.

The complete hoax airs Monday (Dec. 19) and while Wallace claims it’s supposed to be a tribute to Skaggs, the conceptual artist isn’t so sure.

He says he designs his hoaxes to encourage lazy journalists to research their facts, and not just to “punk” someone.

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