Thursday, December 8, 2005

How To Pass As A Regular At Church During Christmas

MINNEAPOLIS (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – If you’re one of the faithful folks who only attend church at Christmastime, a pastor has some tips on how you can come off looking like you’re a regular churchgoer.

Kristofer Skrade, a minister and author of the Christian Handbook (Augsburg), says pastors can spot a holiday holy- roller a mile away. That’s why he recommends going to a large church where it’s easier to blend in with the regular parishioners.

If that’s not an option, Skrade recommends visiting your church’s website beforehand to familiarize yourself with the priest and staff’s names – that way you come off sounding like you’re up on the church’s news if you happen to encounter one of the staff.

Skrade recommends bringing a lot of family and friends with you to Christmas services so that if a priest approaches you to chastise you for skipping services, you can defuse the situation by introducing him to your friends.

Or, he says, try slipping the reverend a stocking stuffer because, “People will be more likely to overlook your attendance laxity with a box of chocolates in their hands.”

Finally, Skrade says don’t sing loudly or gush over the sermon. It just makes you stand out more as an irregular.

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