Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Inventor Of The George Foreman Grill Still Plugging Away

BATAVIA, Ill. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – An Illinois inventor found success in the George Foreman Grill, but says he’s got a lot more kitchen problems to solve.

In addition to developing drip-filters on coffee makers back in 1974, Michael Boehm is responsible for inventions like the George Foreman Grill and the Pillsbury Ultimate Mixing Bowl, a hands-free mixer that he jokes “made a lot of dough.”

Boehm says he got into kitchen products because, “No one was doing anything really innovative,” and moreover, “Every day you run into a nuisance factor. I say, ‘Okay I know how to fix that.’”

Boehm now heads two companies, Intellection and Culinary Solutions, and says he’s got a number of kitchen or gadget- related products coming out in the next six-to-12 months that will require some new, charismatic spokespeople.

He says they almost worked with Suzanne Somers on another grill, but Boehm admits with her jewelry/cosmetics/Thighmaster background, “I didn’t think she was right for that particular product.”

Instead, he says they’ll be focusing on Food Network personalities, because, “They know what they’re talking about.”

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