Monday, October 31, 2005

Which Sitcom Character Type Describes Your Personality?

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Forget astrology. “Sitcom-ology” may be the best way to judge a personality.

Los Angeles-based acting coach Scott Sedita is the author of The Eight Characters Of Comedy (Atides Publishin) and says knowing which sitcom character you’re most similar to can provide hilarious insights into your own life.

For instance, the “Logical Smart One” is a person like Ricky Ricardo or Debra Barone: Practical, grounded but overly involved in other people’s problems.

“Loveable Losers” are like Fred Flintstone: They have a great “want” in their lives but are bad at details while “Neurotics,” like Monica Geller are controlling perfectionists.

Sedita says “Dumb Ones,” such as Homer Simpson, are basically honest but “shouldn’t defend you in court” and “Bitch/Bastards” are quick- witted manipulators like Eddie Haskell.

Womanizers/ manizers,” like Sam Malone are charming but shallow, and “Materialistic Ones” like Thurston Howell III have a supersized sense of entitlement.

Finally, there are people who Sedita admits are “In Their Own Universe” like Kramer and Phoebe who are always either one step ahead of everyone or one step behind.

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