Thursday, October 27, 2005

Former ‘American Gladiator’ Becomes Hard-Ass Ann Landers

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A former “American Gladiator” is now tackling people’s problems with an East meets West approach.

Lee Reherman is the co-host of the new TLC show, That Yin Yang Thing, and he helps people out of jams by applying some Yang wisdom – or as he puts it “the shut up and show up mentality” – while his co-host John Faba takes the softer Yin route.

Reherman says his days as “Hawk” on American Gladiators helped prepare him for this show. For example, on tomorrow’s (Oct. 28) episode, he’ll get a feuding high school reunion committee to work out their differences by putting them in giant sumo wrestling suits and having them duke it out between each other.

Reherman says his co-host believes that change comes within, and while Reherman admits he has respect for Faba, he still likes to take shots at his partner’s touchy-feely approach, adding, “I don’t buy into that Eastern crap.”

Reherman’s advice is: “I’ll tell you what comes from within: Pulling your head out your ass.”

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