Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Author Releases Do-It-Yourself Sex Toy Guide

OAKLAND (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A Martha Stewart of the boudoir is helping kinky folks make sex toys on a shoe-string budget.

Author Janet Hardy has released her third edition of the do- it-yourself sex toy making guide called KinkyCrafts (Greenery Press).

She says even though shy people can buy sex toys online, people continue to make their own at home because “it’s cheap.”

One ever-popular sex toy is the bubblewrap dildo, which can be made rolling up a 10-by-12-inch square of bubblewrap and putting a condom over it.

Hardy says another economical erotic device is a whip made from a bungee cord. She says when you cut the cloth coating away, the core is made of multiple, soft rubberbands that make a soft caressing or stinging whip.

Another new stimulating sex toy featured in the new edition of the book is a motion detecting vibrator, which starts vibrating whenever the user makes a movement.

Hardy encourages first-timers to enter the world of D.I.Y. by saying, “If you can put up a light fixture, you can do this.”

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