Friday, August 5, 2005

San Francisco Rocker Pens Bonds-Bashing Song

SAN FRANCISCO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Maybe a song should be written about recently-caught steroid user Rafael Palmeiro, but for now, suspected juicer Barry Bonds is being needled with a musical honor.

The tune is called “Balco Blues” and is now being performed by San Francisco-based rocker Samantha Stollenwerck.

Some of the lyrics from the Bonds-bashing blues ballad include Now everybody wishes they could hit a ball out of the park, but not everybody wants to be swimming with the sharks./ Well Mr. Bonds, I take my hat off to you today. I’ll trade my guitar for your bat and then let’s play.

Stollenwerck admits she’s a Bonds fan andsays the song began as a “joke,” but she felt it was good enough to be performed while her band tours cross country promoting their new album, Square One.

She figures the song will hit a home run with audiences, especially those in San Francisco because “everyone there thinks the BALCO case was one big joke.”

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