Friday, May 20, 2005

Parenting Advice Dr. Spock Somehow Missed

SEATTLE (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Lots of baby books tell you how to raise a happy child but what if your baby gets TOO happy?

According to Jeff Vogel, author of a new book, The Poo Bomb: True Tales Of Parenting Terror (Andrews-McMeel), an unhappy baby will scream it’s head off but so will a happy child. As a result, parents have to walk a high wire act of emotional modulation to keep the kid feeling as bland as possible.

Vogel’s methods of mood minimizing include making his baby daughter play with toys that bore her; reading books that have lost their appeal and sitting her in the most uninteresting corner in a room.

He has other peculiar parenting tips. Vogel admits some people give a parent dirty looks if a toddler has a pacifier but insists, “When the kid is 30, no one will give a s–- whether he or she used a pacifer or not.”

Finally, Vogel says sometimes two minutes of screaming is the only thing separating a hungry, sleepy baby who won’t eat or sleep from one who will eat and sleep.

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