Friday, April 1, 2005

The 10 Women You’ll Be Before You’re 35

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Ladies, you may be called a party girl or a drama queen but take heart: The names are just stepping stones to discovery of your true self.

Allison James is author of the book, The 10 Women You’ll Be Before You’re 35 (Polka Dot Press), and she says every woman goes through 10 phases before reaching middle age.

Besides “party girls” and “drama queens,” women also have stages like the “New Graduate,” who faces the workforce after college; the “Dollarless Diva,” who is a broke shopaholic; and the “Worker Bee” who sacrifices her personal life for her career.

For example, James says Britney Spears and Tara Reid are perfect examples of party girls while Angelina Jolie’s drive to do everything herself makes her the epitome of “Ms. Independence.”

Meanwhile, Jennifer Lopez is a classic “Chameleon” because of the way she changes her identity to suit her current love interest.

All of this role-playing is well and good but James says the ultimate goal is to become a self-satisfied “True You,” like Oprah, Julia Roberts, and Brooke Shields, who all emerged from periods of insecurity as better women.

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