Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Lamb Testicles Are The Flavor Of The Month In Iceland

REYKJAVIK, Iceland (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Pickled lamb testicles and rotten shark may not tempt your tummy but they’re the flavor of the month in Iceland right now.

Icelanders are celebrating “Thorrablot,” a festival which celebrates the foods eaten by ancient Vikings who settled on the island.

That includes lamb testicles pickled in sour whey, and jellies made from sheep brains and other body parts. But the specialty is a shark dish called “hakarl,” which is prepared by burying a shark in gravel until it putrefies.

Aficionados can tell the difference between “hakarl” that’s been buried for only six months versus the usual eight, but traditionalists prefer preparing it the old-fashioned way: by urinating on the fish before burial.

Thorrablot food isn’t supposed to be tasty – it’s meant to remind Icelanders how their ancestors survived long winter months.

It might sound gross but Icelanders make the best of a bad taste situation by drinking lots of Brennevin, a local vodka made with caraway seeds that cuts the foods’ ammonia aftertaste.

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