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`Real World' Alum: `Soldiers Talk Like Sailors'

The Real World's Ryan Conklin admits that the F-bomb fly on the frontlines.

The Real World's Ryan Conklin admits that the F-bomb fly on the frontlines.

Monday, April 5, 2010 9:05 GMT

GETTYSBURG, Pa. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Civilians have no idea how many F-bombs are dropped on the frontlines.

Just ask Ryan A. Conklin, the Real World: Brooklyn alum who became an infantryman at age 17 and was deployed twice to Iraq.

Conklin’s war memoir, Angel From Hell: Real Life On The Front Lines (Berkley Caliber), comes out tomorrow (Apr. 6). It’s the true story of soldiers once they stop being polite and, well, start getting real.

That means plenty of swearing.

Conklin explains, “Soldiers use profanity – a lot. We’re like frat guys with guns.”

He figures cursing is “ingrained” in a soldier’s make-up, although his use of language while serving shocked his parents.

His grandpa would get it though, since he served in WWII.

Conklin says civilians would also be surprised to learn how boring life as a soldier can actually be. It’s not always action as much as “a whole lotta guarding,” though he curbed boredom by pranking fellow soldiers.

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