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The Naked Truth About Hollywood

Cheapskate? Ms. Bankhead wasn't the best tipper

Cheapskate? Ms. Bankhead wasn't the best tipper

Tuesday, March 16, 2010 17:06 GMT

HOLLYWOOD (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – One Hollywood tour guide is exposing the naked truth about celebrities.

Stephen Schochet has penned Hollywood Stories: Short, Entertaining Anecdotes About The Stars And Legends Of The Movies! (Hollywood Stories Publishing), out Friday (Mar. 19).

It’s filled with funny tales about celebs, like the time Tallulah Bankhead answered the door to her hotel room naked.

The Golden Age starlet then told a hotel employee she couldn’t tip him because, in her words, “I have nothing on me.”

Schochet also reveals that old-timey actress Marlene Dietrich once said that if she’d married Hitler, WWII would’ve never happened.

Dietrich’s husband agreed, saying that with her for a wife, the Fuhrer would’ve simply killed himself.

While he tries “not to gossip,” Schochet also addresses well-known Hollywood rumors like whether someone hung themselves on The Wizard Of Oz set and if Shirley Temple was really a midget.