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Japan Invades The Hot Dog

Japanese-style dog covered with wakame (dried seaweed)

Japanese-style dog covered with wakame (dried seaweed)

Friday, March 12, 2010 16:28 GMT

VANCOUVER (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – One Japanese company is attempting to steal the hot dog crown from America.

Japa Dog is a chain of restaurants and carts found in Japan and Canada that sell good ol’ American hot dogs with a very Japanese twist.

Instead of ketchup and mustard, Japa Dogs are topped with fixings like seaweed, wasabi mayonnaise, edamame, teriyaki sauce, and other Asian ingredients.

Founder Noriki Tamura will soon be giving Americans a chance to decide who makes a better hot dog – the U.S. or Japan – by opening up a location in New York or Los Angeles.

As far as he’s concerned, though, there’s no competition.

Tamura says, “Of course Japanese hot dogs are going to be better. They are better!”

He’s glad to dabble in different variations of wieners and adds, “There are so many possibilities.”

Next, Tamura wants to create a sugary, sweet hot dog and a deep fried pork dog to really make jaws drop.