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Massage Helps Smokers Quit

Wednesday, February 17, 2010 17:21 GMT

TROY, Mich. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Now, smokers can finally see the light and quit their habit all while getting a massage.

Innovative Medicine in Troy, Michigan, makes quitting smoking a comforting experience with a simple, non-invasive procedure.

By using acupuncture, deep tissue massage, and a form of light therapy, chain smokers can kick their habit and feel relaxed and refreshed at the same time.

The 60-minute treatment is said to have a 90 percent success rate.

Dr. Rhonda Sousley, who performs the procedure, assures that 30 minutes of deep massaging helps the body detoxify because it gets fluids moving in a way that stimulates the immune system and one’s ability to let go of unhealthy habits.

She adds, “Most individuals find the treatment relaxing and enjoyable. But it is critical that the individual be committed to quitting the nicotine addiction.”