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Werewolves Finally Get The Girl

Wednesday, February 3, 2010 17:30 GMT

LONDON, Ontario (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Finally, werewolves – not vampires – have a shot at getting the girl.

In the midst of vampire favoritism spawned by Twilight, personalized book company Book By You has released Fierce Moon, a steamy werewolf romance novel.

By completing a questionnaire, couples can be turned into the main characters in the book – a heroine and her werewolf love interest.

Book By You founder Mike Pocock says the novel finally gives werewolves a chance to shine since vampires are “getting a little old.”

Readers will see that werewolves make good boyfriends because they’re brave, smart, and ultimately sweet beneath their rough, hairy exteriors.

Pocock says men may benefit from ladies’ romantic interest in werewolves because then they can get away without shaving for a few days.

He himself has been promoting the book in time for Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14) by letting his back hair grow out and dressing up as a full-on werewolf.