Monday, December 7, 2009

Three Socks Solve Worldwide Epidemic

SAN FRANCISCO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – This oughta blow your socks off: The missing sock epidemic has finally been cured.

Edwin Heaven has created “Throx,” three socks that come with a spare for when you mysteriously lose one.

Heaven invented the trio after losing 3,496 socks and realizing that the “Sockmonster” lurks everywhere.

Folks all over the world order Throx, proving that the missing sock problem is universal.

They consider Throx a “godsend,” which makes sense since everything great – including the Holy Trinity – happens in threes.

Heaven says the extra sock also comes in handy when another gets a hole or needs mending.

Since Throx never fade, no one can tell you’re wearing a backup.

The threesome can be folded or rolled into a ball like a regular pair. However, Heaven dreams of a future when people devote an entire sock drawer solely to his spares.

He wants to start a revolution and delve into other trios like “Throves” – three gloves – and “Thrings,” three earrings.

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