Monday, November 9, 2009

Man Sabotages Wal-Mart With Porn

ATLANTA (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Wherever one man goes, weirdness follows.

Joe Peacock is the author of Mentally Incontinent (Gotham), a new book about his strange life experiences that originally came together on his website,

Peacock writes stories about his life and users help edit them, giving their two cents on what should be omitted or added.

Many of Peacock’s real-life stories are bizarre, mostly because those are the types of “serendipitous” things that happen to him.

There’s the time he got fired from Wal-Mart and got revenge by rigging the TVs in the electronics department to play hardcore German porn on Black Friday.

Another time, he was minding his own business, eating dinner at Outback Steakhouse when PETA members dressed as cows stormed in and swiped the food right off his plate.

Peacock has also shared stories about setting things on fire, getting his nipple rings ripped out, and vomiting during his first sexual encounter.

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