Friday, October 23, 2009

If Couches Could Talk

LONDON (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – If couches could talk, they’d have endless tales to tell.

According to a survey by Esure Home Insurance, the average sofa’s lifetime lasts eight years, one month, and eight days.

In that time, the comfy couch witnesses 293 arguments, 1,369 cuddles, and acts as a bed for 489 guests.

A sofa also endures 1,663 spillages over its lifetime, 587 of which are spilt dinners and 196 of which are spilt wine.

Kids drop their dinner or drink on the dear ol’ couch 72 times a year and lose 391 toys in it over its lifespan.

The best seat in the house hosts couch potatoes for an average of four hours a day.

Couples cuddle on it 168 times a year, and kiss each other on it 12 times a month. That’s 1,174 smooches during a sofa’s life.

The couch also acts as a friend after heated domestic spats. It’s slept on by one member of the household at least 293 nights in its lifetime.

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