Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jedis Face Religious Discrimination

HOLYHEAD, Wales (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Jedis are facing Nazi- like discrimination, and one intergalactic fighter is outraged.

After being “attacked” by seemingly hateful Christians at a supermarket in Bangor, Wales, Daniel Morgan Jones – highest ranking leader of the Church of Jediism – feels he’s the victim of blatant religious discrimination.

Jones was bombarded by employees at the store asking that he take down the hood from his sweatshirt, which he wears as part of his religious Jedi beliefs.

When Jones refused, claiming his Jediism and pointing out a Muslim woman wearing a scarf over her head for similar reasons, he was ridiculed, escorted out, and banned from the store.

Jones says, “I was seriously well-disgusted about it. It’s like Nazi Germany! It was a direct Christian attack. They just don’t like us because they don’t understand us. I’ve never felt segregation like that and I don’t think anyone should ever feel that.”

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