Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Worst War Mistake: Egomania

CHICAGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The most surefire way to lose a war is by having a big, explosive ego.

So says Bill Fawcett, author of How To Lose A War: More Foolish Plans And Military Blunders (Harper), which chronicles the biggest mistakes made in history’s most doomed wars.

Fawcett says the No. 1 error made in battle is letting egos get in the way, which causes leaders to underestimate their opponents and start a fight for the wrong reasons.

Take, for instance, the time Russia attacked Finland during WWII, a country with an army one-tenth its size.

Fawcett says Russian leader Joseph Stalin attacked “itty bitty Finland” to feed his ego, and ended up turning Finland into a WWII enemy when they could’ve easily been an ally.

Then there’s the time Iraq’s Saddam Hussein faked having weapons of mass destruction to look bigger and badder.

Fawcett says Hussein’s “bluffing” was a major war blunder that may have stroked his ego, but caused chaos.

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