Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What Does Your Moustache Say About You?

NEWTOWN, Conn. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Drinking a soda is way more badass with a moustache.

At least that’s how design school grad Shane Blomberg feels, so he co-created the Pop’s ’Stache, a plastic moustache that clicks onto the rim of a bottle giving the drinker the appearance of flowing facial hair.

The Pop’s ’Stache comes in four styles: The Boxcar, which is a cop-like moustache, a curly moustache called the Stromboli, a Mexican-style ’stache referred to as Beans for Breakfast, and the triangle-shaped Winnipeg Special.

Blomberg says that each moustache says something about the person who wears it.

For example, those who wear the Boxcar “think they’re super badass” and sporters of the Stromboli have an “old-timey” sensibility.

However, no matter which fake facial hair a person uses, Blomberg assures the result is “absolutely amazing.”

He says, “A moustache says you kick ass. It sets a person apart.”

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