Friday, May 15, 2009

Gamers Fully Immerse Selves In ‘World Of Warcraft’

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – World Of Warcraft players can now live, eat, and breathe the game.

That’s because the MIT Media Lab has created the “WoW Pod,” a small shack designed for World Of Warcraft fanatics that provides all of life’s needs, including food, water, a kitchenette, and bathroom, so a gamer never has to stop playing.

Co-creator Cati Vaucelle says, “It gives you all you need for a good, non-stop raid!”

A player’s WoW avatar keeps track of their human counterparts’ physical needs so they don’t fully surrender to the fantasy by reminding them to ingest some sustenance.

Vaucelle doesn’t think any players will forego all reality and actually live their entire lives in the Pod, but thinks they’d want to have it as a “cocoon” where they can fully experience the game and escape the world to their heart’s content.

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