Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Around The Weird: Man Flunks Kama Sutra Test & Other Dubious Global Briefs

HYDERABAD, India (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A man in India won’t be allowed to marry his finacee after he flunked a kama sutra exam. Hindi priests say the 20-year-old man failed three kama sutra tests which are designed to give a woman multiple orgasms. The man also received the lowest kama sutra score in nearly two centuries, but priests say they’ll let him retake the test later this summer. Meanwhile, the man’s girlfriend says she still loves him “...even if he isn’t the best in bed.”

BANGKOK, Thailand – “Pepsi Cola” is the most popular name for a pet in Thailand. That’s according to a survey by a Thai dog food manufacturer which reveals the top three Thai pet names are “Pepsi Cola,” followed by “Corolla” and “Motorola.” A spokesman says Thai pet owners think names ending in “ola” sound cute and they like the corporate ring to the names. Other English names on the Top 10 Thai pet list include “Steam- Fresh,” “Wolverine” and “Zyrtec.”

TIRGU JIU, Romania – A weird new fad among Romanian college students involves rolling underarm deodorant on the outside of their clothes as a fashion statement. 19-year-old Jacob Kurblensky, one of the students credited with popularizing the fad, claims wearing his deodorant on the outside of his T-shirts makes him feel like he’s “ tough as Wentworth Miller and Bon Jovi combined.”

PARIS – You know that annoying “Clap-On, Clap-Off” gadget called The Clapper? Well, one French band is using Clappers as part of its act. The underground art magazine Le Meow reports a band called “Les Savants” has hooked up six “Clappers” to its instruments which allow the audience to control the music interactively. Lead singer Vivien Dutrouc says it works well until over enthusiastic fans stand too close to the Clappers and applaud through the entire concert.

HONG KONG – Move over Jet Li, Pope Benedict just might become the next big action star. A Hong Kong-based film producer wants a Pope look-alike to appear in an upcoming kung-fu flick tentatively titled, Action Pope 2010. The producer claims the Pope will make a good subject for an action movie because he’s tough and has great name recognition. It’s not known if Action Pope will be distributed in the U.S., but the producer says he would “ to meet with Quentin Tarantino to see if he’d be interested in writing the English dubbed dialogue.”

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